Site being constructed; relevant policies will be listed here

For purposes of clarity and brevity, bethel christian fellowship may be abbreviated to BCF within the content of this page and site.



Bethel Christian Fellowship maintains a policy of linking to the websites of our members’ and affiliated, wider Christian friends and interests, where lead in the Spirit.

Bethel Christian Fellowship is an AOG Church, apostolically lead, with a pastor and churchteam/ eldership system in place: all links and activities are considered through prayer and seeking the Lord. Where we support our brothers and sisters within our wider community and social reach, we intend that weblinks will be kept to a minimum to avoid this site becoming a “linkfarm”. Non-inclusion, or any delay, of a link is not to be taken as any form of adverse comment, judgement or attitude.

LINKS IN ARTICLES: Members submitting articles may of course provide links to other sites and reference sites, where relevant to the article. In addition, Contributor/Author -Members may also provide a hyper-link to their home site or business site as an author of an article: this is primarily as general interest- people sometimes like to know short ‘bios’ of authors.

Links in community notices and events, other than BCF: Where Bethel Christian Fellowship may choose to post any poster, community notice, news bulletin, or other article that is sourced from outside the immediate fellowship [for instance, local christian charity or a community notice from another church holding a public event] links and contact details should be provided by and on behalf of, said source.

BCF disclaims any liability for accuracy of the details posted, going on faith that we have been provided accurate details at the time of submission, the onus shall be upon anyone forming any reliance of those details to check matters before engaging on any material action or right subsequent to that information and prior to any reliance.  As our website is updated monthly, it is possible that events, venues, times, dates or details may change without BCF being notified in time to amend our site. BCF shall not be held liable, nor construed as agents, in any material form or action, based upon the publication of any information, poster, or notice of event or activity.

Quoting an article or referencing material on this or other BCF sites: please provide a link back, and let us know you have quoted, as courtesy.

we would like to hear in particular if you have found information useful. Please engage in using the ‘like’ function where possible within social media, ‘Follow’ button for blogs, and social sites.


Where possible, supporting our brothers and sisters in faith, we would like to ask that if you have your own website (and we maintain a link to you and your site), or a page on the following sites: facebook, twitter, linked in profile, about.me, or other social media site, that you maintain, that you host a link back to bethel christian fellowship.

If you are a member of the fellowship, regular attendee to our church / meetings and would like to link to our site, please approach our pastor & pastor team.

In all instances PLEASE ask our pastor for permission- AND receive written authorisation prior to posting a permanent link on your website.

Social media sites where graphics, posts and other digital media are shared commonly provide ‘link-backs’ automatically and is expected.


AUDIO license





Graphics for share will be placed under a creative commons licence and so marked. They will also be copyright Bethel Christian Fellowship (- abbreviated to “BCF”). Any use must be accompanied by attribution to (c) bethel christian fellowship and include a link to http://www.bcf.moonfruit AND also http://www.bethelchristianfellowshipuk.wordpress.com.  where more than one graphic is used, a referenced, fully functioning hyperlink, link will suffice.  [Download Textfile] [download word doc] [download pdf]

Copyright held to prevent unethical, or commercial use or any other use, purpose, inclusion, derivation or transmission  contrary to BCF guidelines and Christian faith.

Links to details, links to sites/graphics cache to follow.







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